Our Process

Project Process

The Innovation Lab utilizes a proven scientific approach to discover, define, develop, and deliver small-scale solutions that will create high impact for BJC HealthCare and WUSM. Through rigorous research and development, the Lab is able to quickly test the viability of a new idea. Then, once a solution is proven valuable, it is recommended for implementation and scaled system-wide by our operational partners.


The Double Diamond

Our approach is represented by the double diamond, which incorporates agile, human-centered design methodologies that alternate between divergent and convergent action.

Our Programs

  • Big Ideas
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Innovation Trainee
  • Epic Predictive Analytics
  • The Big Ideas Program supports novel and innovative projects that are clinically relevant, technically feasible, and operationally sustainable. Annually, the program provides an opportunity for clinical, operational, and research teams to collaborate and develop innovative informatics and healthcare delivery.

    Big Ideas: A Data-Driven Innovation Competition from Institute for Informatics on Vimeo.

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  • The Strategic Innovation Program drives clinical and operational value, with a focus on predictive analytics, digital point-of-care tools, and remote patient monitoring.

    This program directly supports BJC/WUSM’s strategic priorities: customer-centricity, demonstrated quality, scale and scope, and community health improvement.

    Projects in this program include those focused on nursing workforce challenges, inpatient “throughput,” inpatient experience, readmissions, and prevention of inpatient adverse events.

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  • The Innovation Trainee Program is an integral foundation for innovation and BJC/WUSM as fellows, residents, and students are given the opportunity to work with the Lab.

    The Lab sources Innovation Trainee projects through various collaborations with BJC/WUSM, which allows us to take full advantage of the myriad of activities, talent, and strategies within this integrated academic health system.

    The Innovation Trainee Program is integral to the foundation of innovation at BJC/WUSM. If you are interested in participating in our Innovation Trainee Program, please apply below.

    Learn more about our Innovation Trainee Programs:

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  • The Epic Predictive Analytics Program (EPAP) harnesses the power of machine learning and predictive analytics to create statistical models to calculate the probability of future events. These models help clinical care teams more efficiently and effectively identify patients at higher risk for negative outcomes.

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