Leaders In Catalyzing
Care Delivery Through
Research & Development

The Healthcare Innovation Lab was founded in June 2017 and is run by a group of clinicians, data scientists, program managers, and healthcare administrators that identify innovations in clinical care delivery and evaluate their usefulness in all services of care at BJC/WUSM.

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Who We Are

BJC HealthCare and Washington University School of Medicine are committed to improving the health and well-being of the people and communities it serves through leadership, education, innovation, and excellence in medicine. As one of the largest nonprofit healthcare integrated delivery organizations in the country.

As the institutional resources for care delivery innovation knowledge, the Lab’s impact is invaluable. We continue to push the envelope on “thinking bigger”; encouraging our operational partners to truly be innovative in how we deliver care.

Featured Projects

  • Sleep Preservation for the Inpatient Setting

    Understand the perceived experience of sleep in the hospital to improve patient experience and in-hospital sleep with Oura ring pilot.

  • Reducing Readmission for Cancer Patients

    Identify the problem statement driving readmissions post treatment/chem. Proof of concept to test patient communication, symptom management, education tool.

  • LEAF Pressure Ulcer Prediction

    Notifies staff when repositioning is needed according to the patient's individualized turn schedule using a wearable monitor and the LEAF Healthcare Display.

Our Programs

  • Big Ideas Program

    Drive novel approaches to clinical problem-solving using informatics and care delivery innovations

  • Strategic Innovation Program

    Aligning BJC/WUSM clinical priorities and goals to direct clinical care innovations

  • Innovation Trainee Program

    Providing collaboration and development opportunities within the Lab to Fellows, Residents, and Medical Students

  • Epic Innovation Program

    Supporting clinical decision-making using Epic's Cognitive Computing Platform