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  • Making Medicine Better


    Andrea Mongler

  • Comparison of Sepsis Definitions as Automated Criteria


    Sean C Yu, Kevin D Betthauser, Aditi Gupta, Patrick G Lyons, Albert M Lai, Marin H Kollef, Philip R O Payne, Andrew P Michelson

  • Quantification of Sepsis Model Alerts in 24 US Hospitals Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic


    Andrew Wong, Jie Cao, Patrick G Lyons, Sayon Dutta, Vincent J Major, Erkin Ötles, Karandeep Singh

  • Conceptual considerations for using EHR-based activity logs to measure clinician burnout and its effects


    Thomas Kannampallil, Joanna Abraham, Sunny S Lou, Philip R O Payne

  • Cognitive plausibility in voice-based AI health counselors


    Thomas Kannampallil, Joshua M Smyth, Steve Jones, Philip R O Payne, Jun Ma