2023 Year in Review

February 2, 2024

In 2023, the Healthcare Innovation Lab had three focus areas in its portfolio:

  • Innovations to support BJC priorities and goals
  • Emerging innovations
  • Creating a culture of innovation

In support of this portfolio, the Lab oversaw more than 22 pilots, programs, grants, and activities.

Some highlights from the year’s work include:

Virtual RN (VRN) Pilot:
– Supported 4,951 admissions
– 100% HCAHPS score for VRNs in Nurse Courtesy/Respect
– Given bedside nurses 1,650 hours back to other direct patient care activities
– Improved our admission documentation rates to >85%

Improving Inpatient Sleep:
– 19% reduction in interruptions during dedicated quiet time
– Additional 90 mins of sleep per patient per night
– 35-point increase (22% to 57%) in Quiet at Night HCAHPS scores

Epic Predictive Analytics Program:
– 10 predictive models completed, 4 in production
– Reducing frequent readmissions for high volume pediatric patients
– OR block utilization prediction

Big Ideas Grant Program:
– Funded 6 Big Idea grants
– Digital Navigator for colonoscopies
– AI to identify early neurological disease
– Natural language processing to identify research study participants

Several of these projects continue into 2024, and the Lab has plans for many new opportunities to improve our health care system as we move into the new year.

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