Project Spotlight: Patient Room of the Future

October 24, 2023

Patient Room of the Future was established earlier in 2023 in partnership with BJC Technology, Planning, Design, & Construction, and our Healthcare Innovation Lab with a primary goal in testing, validating, and recommending emerging ideas and technologies that advance BJC and WUSM’s clinical care delivery models within the inpatient acute care setting. With the deployment of existing, mature technologies such as remote monitoring, artificial intelligence-driven surveillance, and more sophisticated technologies, we will increasingly be able to deliver more effective, higher quality, and patient-centered care.

Since May of 2023, we have collaborated with vendors to deliver a safe and ergonomic inpatient bed experience to reduce falls and pressure ulcer injuries, tested the interoperability of various video hardware and software products to deliver a seamless and wholistic virtual care platform experience, and brought patient experience leaders together to validate and experience how we might deliver a more patient-centered approach when leveraging technology in our acute-care settings. We are developing a roadmap for emerging ideas and technologies to be tested in the remainder of 2023 and beyond.

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